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Biomechanics is the study of the human body and how it moves in mechanical terms. The science is divided into two areas of study: extrinsic and intrinsic Biomechanics.

Extrinsic Biomechanics looks at movements, the measurement of those movements or tasks, and then establishes the most efficient way to maximise those movements and ultimately improve sports performance; it is an important science that is relevant to any sport, fitness or work-related physical conditioning.

Intrinsic Biomechanics, on the other hand, is the study of how the body is able to perform those tasks or movements in relation to the individual’s mechanical make-up.

A Biomechanics Coach is trained in intrinsic biomechanics and is able to perform a full-body biomechanical assessment, establishing any areas of the body’s mechanical weakness.

As a fully trained Biomechanics Coach, I will screen the shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, feet, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning correctly. Any areas that are not functioning to capacity will be highlighted through the screening process. I can then determine whether they are due to genetic issues or if other factors such as poor technique, postural problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set-up is the cause.

Once any issues have been identified then begins the Normalise phase where I prescribe a programme of corrective techniques designed to normalise the body. Continual reassessment of the screening process is essential to monitor progress and motivate the client to continue with the normalisation process.