Some of my Happy Clients!

I had reached the point where I just wanted to feel a bit healthier and stop taking my good health for granted. After 5 children my weight had slowly crept up with each child and I felt sluggish and tired all the time. I already was working with Nigel as a PT so had spoken to him about the fat adapted lifestyle. I was a bit daunted at the thought of the initial 21 day stage as it seems like all my favourite things are complex carbs! Nigel framed it as a challenge which fired up my competitive side and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I kept a food diary and at first had lots of questions about what I could and couldn’t have but Nigel was happy to answer my many texts and keep me right. The biggest motivation for me was that almost immediately I started to feel better, no more of that horrible bloated feeling after a meal and I was losing weight every day. I know lots of people frown on weighing yourself every day but for me it was motivating to see the number decrease each day! I lost 0.1 kg every day over the initial period. I started in November at 74.3kg and by January I was 66kg . I am now steady at 64/65 kg and now eat whatever I fancy. The main change is that my tastes have completely changed and I don’t crave the bread, pasta, potatoes and cakes so I don’t have it very often and if I do then a little is enough. The things I like to eat now are much healthier choices. I definitely could not have made the changes by myself and I can’t recommend Nigel and this programme highly enough.


Clare mackle

I have worked with Nigel for about 4 years now and what I have achieved in that time is way beyond what I had dreamed of. I started with the usual issues post child bearing which was a slow healing process, but the signs of strength and fitness started to come back and I was addicted! I started with events Total Warrior, Tough Mudder, Half Marathons, setting myself time goals all along. Soon a half marathon wasn’t enough of a challenge and I got a place for the London Marathon. Nigel created a training and eating plan which I followed religiously on the run up to London. My diet went to almost carb free, allowing be to burn fat for longer periods of time and not bonk mid event. I ran the Marathon in my expected time and injury free. 3 months later I had booked an Ultra Marathon! I cannot thank Nigel enough for the time and patience he has given me.


Kirsten Sadler

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