Antonia Flockhart

I have suffered with back problems since I was 21, largely undiagnosed and unspecific. Since seeing Nigel, I have a greater understanding of how my back pain is caused and that there can be numerous factors and body parts involved that all contribute to the discomfort/problem area.

Nigel looks at the body very much as a whole and takes you right back to basics. I implore anyone to do all the exercises he gives you religiously, they really do work! He will be patient, he will explain things properly that make sense and you will make great steps forward if you listen, are prepared to be patient and you do all he tells you to do.

My back has gone from a chronic condition to now mild and I now know how to manage and look after it going forward in order to prevent it from ever getting that bad again. The strength and conditioning work that follow the initial exercises is well thought out with gradual step changes which allow you to build your body back up in a systematic way.

4 months of doing what I’m told and I look forward to going on my first run in a few more weeks, I cannot recommend him highly enough!